Posted by on February 28, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are proud to announce that we sent seven members of our local chapter to SigEp’s Carlson Leadership Academy in Chicago Illinois this past weekend. During this academy all of our officers took time to intensely study their current officer position, and gain invaluable leadership skills to bring back to our local chapter. Take a look at our journey through the pictures attached to this post, or read on further to see what each position did.


President – Darrin A.
The President track was established to help transitioning Presidents get acclimated to the new roll of the chapters leader. This tracked proved to be extremely intense and provided to give tools to help effectively lead and challenge a chapter to do better each and every day.

Vice President of Communications – Jacob C.
The VP of Communications track was established to help transitioning Vice Presidents get use to the tools in their arsenal. This website you are currently viewing was developed by the Vice President of Communications and all social media interactions are through him.

Vice President of Recruitment – Kameron C.
The VP of Recruitment was sent in with a mindset of recruitment as a main focus. However this track was able to instill a sense of being a human first, meaning that when a man is interested in SigEp look at them in more of a one on one mindset then a recruit all at once.

Vice President of Programming – Geoffrey D.
The VP of Programming was able to go into CLA with a limited programing tool belt and came out with a much larger and sophisticated mindset to event planning.

Vice President of Member Development – Ross M.
The VP of Member Development came out of CLA with a new outlook on building our chapters members to become more balanced. During this visit Ross was able to take away that out Balanced Man Program is one of the best programs in the Greek community. Take some time to read about our Balanced Man Program on our website.

Chaplain – Zack B.
The Chaplain is a role of honor and pride. In our Fraternity, the Chaplain is one of the leaders that helps guide our new members through adult hood along with our VP of Member Development. Zack was able to come out of CLA with a better understanding of our chapters policies and guidelines.

Balanced Man Scholarship Track – Devin S.
Devin was able to attend CLA not as a member of our Executive Board, but instead as a member of our general chapter. Devin took the track of the Balanced Man Scholarship, which is an opportunity for incoming freshman to earn a scholarship through our local chapter and hopefully assist them during their scholastic career. Please stay tuned for more information on our website about the Balanced Man Scholarship.


This trip was not only a trip about building better leadership skills, but also a trip to better bond our executive board. Our VP of Communications is able to more deeply elaborate on this as a topic.

Before I went to Carlson [leadership academy] I had a basic understanding of my position and what it was for. After coming out of the Academy I feel better prepared and now fully understand my position. Hopefully I am better able to utilize my experience to inform the public about SigEp and what we are all about. If there is one thing I can take a way from this event it is that our brotherhood as a Fraternity is one that unbreakable. We are group of men who have taken a vested interest in our lives and make them better. I am optimistic when I think about the future of our Fraternity and can’t wait to see how our executive board is able to lead our chapter into the future.

– Jacob C., Vice President of Communications